Wednesday, August 17, 2005

More on the lit challenge

Still mulling over the possiblity of replicating the gent's goal (see Monday's entry)- with a few quirks of my own.

One- no time limit (he has roughly 28 days I think).

Two- I'm not going to read the Man Booker longlist. I will read an equivalent number- 17.

Three- I may decide to read serious children's literature, since I have three kids & thus the books will be read again. This last, however, is a small sop to my aching & screaming book budget.

Hmmm...I'll read either the National Book Critics Circle Awards for at least the last three years or I'll read 17 nationally recognized children's lit titles. Both are tempting. I only have one book off of the NBCCA listed titles, but I have several titles off of the Children's lists. I usually buy the entire list of Newberys although this year I'm late.

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Anne E. said...

I decided a few weeks ago to start reading my way through the Barnes and Noble classics, which means re-reading some beloved books and reading others for the first time. I selected the B&N editions because they are inexpensive (generally $5.95 for an attractive trade paperback edition) and often on sale (buy two get a third book free). I'll post more on my blog later today or tomorrow.