Monday, August 29, 2005

Catching up

Back momentarily from the land of computerless orphans. I hope everyone had a fun weekend surfing & blogging while hubby & I trolled Best Buy & CompUSA & Dell online for computer sales. YUCK. That's all I have to say. Double yuck.

We are all here in sunny central VA at my sister's house watching Weather Channel coverage of hurricane Katrina walloping New Orleans. I've said my prayers for everyone down there. If you've family or friends there, I wish them the best. The reports are pretty scary.

Hubby & sis & 2 of the kids are watching a Bill Murray movie- The Life Aquatic . Listening in from across the room, it sounds good. The littlest one wants to go & see Valiant. It's the movie about homing pigeons in Britain during WW II.

Finally finished painting daughter's room Saturday. The paint chip claimed something called 'sea grass' but it looks yellower up on the wall. More of a spring green perhaps. No matter. It's finished & she likes it. Spent Sunday rearranging her room & (eeewwww) cleaning out her closet. Sortingg through her books. Boy, am I glad the kids' rooms are done. Only mine left & I am indecisive as to color choice.

As to reading. Not much reading done at all unless it has been either computer or painting related. I've read as far as chapter 14 in Redwall (info about Redwall here). Which isn't as far as it sounds as the chapters are ridiculously short, even considering this is a children's novel. Hubby had to carefully pry it out from under me after I fell asleep on it. It's good. I've just been tired.

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