Monday, August 08, 2005

Book Spree

Haven't done any reading in the last two days, but I have done my part to keep the American economy at a full boil by purchasing the following:

1. Goddess of Light, by PC Cast

2.Beyond Sunrise, by Candice Proctor

3.The Last Knight, by Candice Proctor

4.The Selkie, by Charles Sheffield & David Bischoff

5.Dinner with Persephone, by Patricia Storage

The first three are, obviously, romances. Number four is an horror novel, pubbed in 1982. I read a few pages here & there & was hooked. Number five is a memoir of a year lived in Greece written by a published poet & essayist. I opened it to a scene where she is buying a newspaper at her neighborhood kiosk & the vendor tells her (paraphrasing here) 'the newspaper is cheap but practicing your Greek is expensive.'

I was really bummed though. I wanted to buy some of Gena Showalter's books (I only have The Pleasure Slave), but I didn't find any. Off to Amazon again!


Anne E. said...

We must be channeling each other, as I just ordered the two Candice Proctor books myself. I have never read her books, so I have my fingers crossed. Did you catch yet another plea for "respect" on romancing the blog this AM? I commented on it on my own blog -- probably a minority view, but..oh, well!

Kristie (J) said...

I loved both the Protor books! You are in for a treat.

Anonymous said...

You seem to be a very prolific reader and I have a suggestion for you that you might not have heard of before... Waiting for White Horses by Nathan Jorgenson. It's published by some independent publisher in Minnesota so it's pretty much below the radar but from what I hear it's creating quite stir. Hope you give it a look, it's definetly worth it if you want to laugh and cry while reading the same book!

Anonymous said...

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Come and check it out if you get time.

Anne E. said...

I will look for the Candice Proctor link -- I missed that article. I hope I haven't sounded to "snipish" in my posts on my blog and on romancing the blog. There are some excellent romance authors out there, who should have gotten more recognition both within and outside the genre, Marsha Canham being the prime example. I am the first to admit that I do not understand those who only read romances, to the exclusion of any other type of book, and I will probably always be scratching my head over that one.

Bookwormom said...

Anne E. & Kristie(J)- Can't wait to read the Proctor books. She's always mentioned in the Keeper lists.

Anne E.- re your entry: you don't sound snippy at all & I agree that there seem to be many in the romance community who don't read outside the genre "because ____ is too depressing". WTF??! Jeezz.

Romance, IMO, is too hung up with required conventions & too accepting of sloppy writing to become 'more accepted'. Romances can't even get a straight review without the reviewer being shot full of holes unless it's a fangirl review. The sex aspect of it is only one facet, IMO. Mainstream lit press is a long way from accepting romance in from the cold. The romance community shoots themselves in the foot with all of this whining & tantruming. Start by demanding a higher standard of writing & accpet/seek critical reviews. Then we'll talk.

Anne E. said...

I agree. I posted that good writing and a well-told story are two major requirements of mine in any book, but that isn't always what you find in a romance novel. Publishers Weekly and some other literary reviewers have given some romance authors very positive reviews, but I'm not sure that some of the authors, let alone much of the fanbase, is ready for that. Witness the consistent 4 and 4 1/2 stars at RT Magazine, especially for historicals.

I received Proctor's "The Last Knight" yesterday, but won't be able to start it until after I finish an historical mystery I'm reading. Oh, and highly recommend Marsha Canham's "Under the Desert Moon, " if you haven't read it already (it's from the early 90s).