Thursday, August 25, 2005

home improvement vs. computer repair

Hubby is up & at 'em, so to speak. Poor dear, he really hates it that I'm not as nurturing & attentive as he is when someone is ill or hurt. I try though, really I do.

Meantime, the boys love their new color & are after me to buy them new curtains & bedspreads. I'm planning to do that, although not just yet. I really want to finish daughter's room before we go away next week. I just primed her room this morning & am now waiting for it to dry so we can paint it. She's chosen a nice shade of green the chip claims is 'sea grass'.

Also, our computer at home is off to my sister's for some much needed TLC. Turns out the modem is ok, but part of windows crashed yesterday morning & now the computer won't finish booting up. I keep getting a DLL error saying some part of windows is missing & we need to reload windows. Problem being when we try to do just that, the computer simply sits there & hums at you. Idly.

So we're all off on vacation- us on Monday & the computer is out there already. I'll drop in & update as much as I can. At this point I can use any excuse at all to escape the paint fumes at home. I hope to read & relax & do as little as humanly possible-starting as soon as the daughter's room is painted.

Redwall continues to sit on the sidetable in the livingroom. I managed to get as far as the rats arrival in the forest & the abbot's golden anniversary party. It'll likely go with me next week. I foresee the painting taking longer than anticipated for various reasons. I think I just need to clone myself in order to accomplish everything.


Anne E. said...

I've been having some computer issues as well involving Windows XP but it comes and goes.

Another Constable said...

Using Google with the exact text of the message as the search string (the whole line enclosed with double quotes) will reap rewards. The chances are (with the global dominance of windows) that many other people have had exactly the same problem as yourself, and there will be many solutions afoot. Don't despair, computer problems are easy to fix. You just need to know where to look for the answers! :-)

Anonymous said...

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Bookwormom said...

Thank you Another Constable for your advice concerning the computer. When I return homeI shall try it. My BIL, who'd agreed to vet the computer is out of town on vacation. So the computer remains at home, idle. POOH.

Anonymous said...

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