Friday, September 09, 2005

Still here after all

No, I didn't float off into outer space or drown in Katrina's well of pain. Our harddrive (1 word or 2?) crashed for good & we had to wait for the new one to arrive. It was here in boxes at 7:30 last night & was up & running by 9 pm. Unfortunately we had modem problems after all & I had to go & get a new modem & then install..yadda, yadda, yadda. Here I am.

We visited my sister all of last week. I have to say- except for cleaning up the kitchen for her, we didn't do a blessed thing. It was absolutely wonderful, let me tell you. No errands. No lists of places to go or touristy things to do. We just visited. It was so refreshing! We used to have regular dinners when she lived around the corner a piece, but she's moved not quite two hours away & I miss her.

Daughter, older son & I took advantage of our comptuer free time to paint my room a beautiful shade of Necco wafer pink. Remember those? I loved them as a child. I can't stand them now, but nostalgia is a powerful thing. I know you'll disbelieve me, but hubby chose it. Really. I had probably 10 shades of peach/pink/light coral on the wall. After a few days he grabbed one & said 'this one'. I'd had a terrible time waffling around & took his advice. It's actually very soothing. The room faces north & the color wavers between peach & pink depending on the time of day & the weather.

The children are all in school finally & I'm done with filling out all of those blasted forms. My days are my own. Yesterday I scrubbed the walls in the dining area (it's far, far too small to be anything else)& the hall & vaccuumed under all of the living room furniture. My back is killing me, let me tell you.Today I sorted & rearranged the 'pharmacy' closet. It took some doing, I'll have you know. I also flipped through two of hubby's bookshelves worth of paperwork piles. Didn't put any away for him, but straightened it out & discovered just what he'd been busily squirreling away. Sorted through our 'blue box'- our little strong box of our most important papers. Discovered that daughter's immunization record is missing.

Still not reading a blessed thing, but I thought I'd start posting just as soon as possible. I've missed being on the 'net & talking to you guys.


Tara Marie said...

I'm sure I can speak for Anne and say we are glad you're back and it was just computer problems that had you off-line.

Anne E. said...

Glad it was only computer problems that kept you away! Does your sister live in Virginia or ??

Bookwormom said...

Thanks for the good wishes, Tara. I'd wondered if anyone would 'miss' me, so to speak.

Anne E- my sister lives outside of Richmond.