Saturday, September 24, 2005


Due to track repairs on the blue & yellow lines, daughter & I spent forty five minutes to make it two stops closer to DC. We had only a three hour window to rush up there & return to Alexandria so daughter could babysit. What ordinarily ought to have been a twenty minute trip turned into a forty five minute lesson in how to surf the internet on my cell phone.

Still, daughter & I managed a nice lunch at a delicious deli in Old Town Alexandria, a quick trip in to the Lancome counter & a copy of The Master by Melanie Jackson. Daughter is thrilled as she scored some lipgloss & lavendar eyeshadows (Lancome is having a 'gift with purchase' event).

I really hoped to see the protests in front of the White House & the book festival & maybe even see the Segway (sp?) in action. It was a perfect day for sightseeing- overcast & cool (finally!!).

I'm disappointed we missed the main event, but daughter & I had a nice afternoon together anyway. I bought her the Teen Vogue with Orlando Bloom on the cover & she was in heaven. Apologies to those who were hoping for a Diana Gabaldon sighting, but I tried!


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Jenster said...

It was a valiant try, Amanda. Glad you had a good time with your daughter, though. :o)

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