Friday, September 23, 2005

Praying for TX & LA

I hope hurricane Rita weakens more & the battered Gulf coast pulls through ok. Hubby has kin between San Antonio & Corpus Christi & he has been concerned about them. Texans appear to have learned quite a lot from the complete fiasco that was Katrina. Despite the gas shortages & horrendous traffic (which by the way, resembled regular Friday traffic jams here in DC) Texans seem to be doing whatever they can to take care of people & property.

Speaking of horrendous traffic jams, I am absolutley positive that our region would be a paralyzed, gelatinous stew should anything serious happen here again. Traffic stoppages are a routine feature of life in the DC metro area. I am unconvinced our regional political leaders have thoroughly vetted, coordinated disaster plans. We are on our own. If you live in a major metro area in the US, you'd better be prepared to hang tight alone & not count on the local or federal government to help you.


Tara Marie said...

My prayers are with the folks on the Gulf coast too. I couldn't sleep, that's why I'm up and blogging before 5 this morning.

My husbands entire family lives within the evacuation area of Indian Point Nuclear Power Plant. There is no way these areas can be evacuated. It really hit home after 9/11 that it would be near impossible to clear everyone out of the 10 mile radius around it. The 2 planes that hit the Towers flew right over the plant on the way, I can't even imagine the devastation that would have caused (though it is said the plant is designed to withstand a plane crashing into it--who'd want to test that theory.)

Bookwormom said...

So far it appears that the worst of Rita has spared much of Houston & locations west. Unfortunately already sodden LA is on the eastern side of the storm. I was glued to CNN & Weather channel all day yesterday.

As far as other disasters go, honestly, I don't believe we're as ready as our officials would have us believe. I agree with you- evacuation would be a huge problem.

Anne E. said...

I have to agree with you about the traffic in North VA/Metro DC area if it ever had to be evacuated. I wasn't living in VA when the airliner crashed into the Potomac during the late 1970s, but I heard stories from people who were -- just trying to home to Prince William County took 8-10 hours for some.

When Richmond flooded last year I was home that day as I had thrown out my back over the weekend (my lucky day, as it turned out). The people who rode on my bus were in downtown Richmond for 3 1/2 hours (in driving rain) waiting for a bus to reach them. The bus got to them at 8pm and they didn't get back to the terminus (30 miles south) until 1am the next morning!

I saw your other message about Diana Gabaldon being in DC this weekend. I published a picture of the cover of the English edition of "Outlander," known in the UK as "Cross Stitch," on my blog. Tell me what you think of the representation of Claire. Was Diana there? Did you get to meet her?

Bookwormom said...

Anne E.- Evacuating Hampton Roads/Norfolk/VA Beach would be problematic as well. I read an opinion piece (I believe in the Virginian Pilot, dated earlier in Sept.) today wherein the author claimed authorities down there plan to rely on the citizenry to evacuate themselves & only intend to help the elderly & ill despite the large number of households without cars (approx. 34,000).

I remember your troubles last year. I'm hopeful that such troubles don't happen to any of us anytime soon.

Bookwormom said...

Dated Sept. 13th, now that I've hunted for it.

Anonymous said...

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