Saturday, September 10, 2005


I'm becoming addicted to ringtones. I bought a new cellphone a while ago & the ringtones loaded into the phone bug the kids & I just spent nearly two hours browsing through a catalog of songs. The selection of comedy snippets available is impressive too. I have to say though, that it became instantly clear that many of the comedy snippets are- how do I say this without sounding stiff?- not appropriate for all situations. So I settled on a couple of upbeat cheerful ringtones, which will (hopefully) successfully compete with my car radio for my attention as I rush up & down I 95.

What surprised me was that the kids loved listening to the ringtones. I played more songs for them than I would've played for myself. They are busily planning what songs they want when mom buys them phones. HA! NOT. The older boy has a phone, but he has to keep its account full on his own & isn't planning to spend his precious cash on music & games since it would cut into his texting his buddies.

Maybe I need to add a new game to my phone. I bought Connect Four a few weeks ago. It's weird though. The program is either too easy or impossible. There's no in between. Any suggestions for fun phone games?


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