Monday, September 12, 2005


Miscellaneous thoughts jamming the brain today. Don't expect any logical thought patterns.

Did you see Melissa Etheridge's performance during the Katrina concert on MTV Saturday night? First of all, I thought she looked & sounded wonderful. Hers was the only performance that brought tears to my eyes. She said she wrote a new song just for the concert &, honestly, the 'Swing Low Sweet Chariot' ending just grabbed my heart & wouldn't let go. Completely aside from that, the Rolling Stones, Green Day & U2 were totally hot.

I finished reading "A Right to be Hostile, the Boondocks Treasury" by Aaron McGruder. The comic can be found here. Aaron McGruder's webpage is here. The foreward by Michael Moore will tell you which way the strip leans politically. The guys are so funny- I love them. I want a bumpersticker that says, 'Huey Freeman for President' but I'm afraid that a) no one would understand it & b) I'd be driven out of VA entirely for being a radical white chick.

Younger son & I have been reading Polly Horvath's 'Everything on a Waffle'. In rural British Columbia, Primrose Squarp's parents disappear in heavy storm while at sea. Eventually, Primrose's Uncle Jack arrives to take care of her. Meantime, the school guidance counselor, Miss Honeycutt, has set her cap for Uncle Jack & has no scruples about pushing Primrose aside to get to him. Miss Perfidy, the mothball obsessed old lady who took Primrose in until Uncle Jack arrived, is beginning to act a tad strangely. Primrose & Uncle Jack muddle along relatively well. At least so far. The serious storyline is treated with a humerous, deft hand, although I find Primrose's word choices to be too adult once in a while. An odd peeve of mine, but children ought to sound age appropriate. My sister would laugh uproarously at that last comment- all of my children are verbose.

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