Thursday, September 15, 2005

Autumn cleaning

Still 'nesting', as hubby says. Typically I spend the month of September rummaging through the entire house sorting, scrubbing, etc. It's spring cleaning except it's autumn. My grandmother did heavy cleaning twice annually, but I don't have six daughters to help me.

I spent a day realphabetizing, rearranging & pruning down my (our?) books. Poor things, they were haphazardly piled sideways, atop each other, shelved three layers deep. Then there were the romances buried in the bottom of hubby's wardrobe...

So the bookcases are ship shape now. No more books buried in hubby's wardrobe. All are shelved single row, except the romances. Keepers are triple row, but that's ok since I've memorized what they are. The TBRs are double shelved & have horizontal stacks atop this, but they're all in one case now (as opposed to three locations). Genre fiction is broken out by type (mystery, fantasy, romance & horror).

I did take over two shelves of hubby's bookcase though. His books are zipped into a giant duffel bag & hubby says they can stay there as most are medical & business reference anyway. I feel guilty. I think they deserve shelf space of their own, but hubby wants a shelf for his infamous 'paperwork towers' which by law must be in our room instead of the livingroom.

I discovered I had a grocery sack of medieval mysteries which belong to our church. Tonight they were returned to their rightful location after lounging here for heaven only knows how long. I have a goodly sized carton plus two Christmas size shopping bags of books in the trunk of my car destined for the thrift shop.

I went through a three inch stack of cooking magazines & tore out my favorite recipies. Now I have a stack of paper to put away. It opened up quite a lot of room on my bookshelves. More room for my precious books! I did discover that I've mislaid an excellent recipie for maple syrup cake though.

Is anyone else out there having a good sort through?


Anonymous said...

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Anne E. said...

I had a sort-out of books and one closet's worth of clothing a few weeks ago, but I haven't the time for it during the week and no inclination on the weekends. In theory, I think spring and fall cleaning is a good idea, but to quote an unknown author, "whenever the urge to [seriously] clean strikes, I lie down until it goes away!"

Tara Marie said...

Somehow I've managed to purge 1000 books this month. Some went to the local UBS, the rest donated to various thrift shops.

I go on mini cleaning binges once a month--controlled by hormone levels, LOL. This month I washed every comforter, blanket etc, washed all the summer clothing to be put away for winter, of course it got hot again.

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