Tuesday, August 12, 2008

6 Month Stats/MidYear Synopsis

The linked list below runs from January 2008 through the end of June 2008. The list doesn't include four titles I read over the winter but neither listed nor reviewed but only mentioned in passing. I won't count them in my totals. I’m feeling hopelessly inadequate. :{

I checked my midyear stats for the other two years I’ve done them. End of June’07 46 books. End of June ’06 67.

This year is a scant 37. How pathetic can you get ?!

I checked the archives and in the January '08 posts I discovered I didn't post a reading goal for this year or an annual summary for 2007. Or, if I did, it's buried in a post and wasn't tagged. After a few minutes hunting and totting, I finished 64 books last year. In January 2007 I totted up 104 books read in 2006.

So, the goal this year is to, at a bare minimum, read more than last year (65+). Preferably I'd like to meet or exceed 2006's 104 books read. Not likely to happen, but it's always nice to shoot for the stars and land on the moon.

1. The Snow White Bride by Claire Delacroix Not reviewed

2. A Splendid Indescretion by Elizabeth Mansfield Not reviewed

3. Love Me Forever by Donna Fletcher Not reviewed

4. When I Fall in Love by Lynn Kurland Not reviewed

5. Love Came Just in Time by Lynn Kurland Not reviewed

6. A Well Favored Gentleman; Christina Dodd

7. Stronger Than Magic; Heather Cullman

8. Goddess of the Rose, P.C. Cast

9. Wicked, Shannon Drake

10. Even Vampires Get the Blues, Katie Mac Alister

11. A Lady of his Own, Stephanie Laurens

12. Much Ado about You, Eloisa James

13. Sword of Shame, Medieval Murderers

14. A Rose for the Crown, Anne Easter Smith

15. A Perfect Rake; Anne Gracie

16. Tangled Webs, Anne Bishop

17.The Invisible Ring, Anne Bishop

18. Perfect Waltz, Anne Gracie

19. Kiss of Midnight, Lara Adrian

20. A Kiss of Crimson; Lara Adrian

21. The Queen in Winter; Kurland, Delacroix,
Shinn & Monette

22. Dragon's Kin; Anne & Todd McCaffrey

23. The Duel; Barbara Metzger

24. An Invitation to Sin; Suzanne Enoch

25. To Love A Princess; Patricia Grasso

26. Just in Time; Judith Lansdowne

27. Kushiel’s Mercy; Jacqueline Carey

28. Mystic and Rider; Sharon Shinn

29. The Thirteenth House; Sharon Shinn

30. Dark Moon Defender; Sharon Shinn

31. Reader and Raelynx; Sharon Shinn

32. Wrapt in Crystal; Sharon Shinn

33. Summers at Castle Auburn; Sharon Shinn

34. Force of Nature; Suzanne Brockmann

35. All Through the Night; Suzanne

36. Just Perfect; Judith Lansdowne

37. Just Impossible; Judith Lansdowne

Total Books Read~
Chick Lit-
Historical Fiction- 1
Historical Mysteries- 1
Science Fiction-

Contemporary Suspense-2
Mythology- 1
Fantasy Anthology- 1
Time Travel- 2
Traditional Regencies- 1
Historical (Incl. long format Regencies)- 11
Paranormal- Vampire- 3
Paranormal- Faery- 1
Paranormal- Mythological Being- 1

YA Paranormal/fantasy-
YA romance-


Contemporary Romance- 1

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