Monday, January 14, 2008

A Well Favored Gentleman; C. Dodd

Originally published back in 1998 (doesn't seem like it was 10 years ago!) by Avon, AWFG was written by Christina Dodd. Lady Alanna MacLeod has been "hiding" in her ancestral village, masquerading as the witch/healer Mab. I had a few problems with the choice of this name. I always associate it with Shakespeare's fairy queen not rural witches. In two weeks she will reach her majority and inherit her family's land. If she can outwit her cousins, Ian Fairchild and his father.

However, Ian stands in her way. Fairchild is the illegitimate son of English nobility, has dirtied himself in "trade" and is now in search of a permanent place to call his own. Fairchild decides Fionnaway manor will be it. He's manipulative (to the point I nearly put it down due to what he does) and lonely and emotionally scarred but like all heroes, beneath it all lies a heart of gold.

Alanna too has her problems, but they're mostly the product of her own behavior and Fairchild's manipulations. Some of which stem from her naivete and willingness to believe Ian despite attempting to outwit his father. Alanna annoyed me because she successfully hides for a long time, but as soon as Ian shows up she succumbs to him and her former independence evaporates. I thought Alanna reminds me of a Mary Sue. Sort of. Almost, but not quite. Not enough to stop me from finishing the book.

As always in the end love triumphs over all- with a little help from Scottish legend. Not a keeper but I enjoyed it.

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