Monday, January 07, 2008

Reading Vs Blogging

Like everyone pressed for time lately I've had to choose between blogging or reading. Reading has won, hands down. I've read two full size historicals and one traditional Regency. I'm two thirds done with a contemporary mythology based romance. I need to write my thoughts up about those. I need to list my personal and blog/reading resolutions for 2008. I thought I oughta post a family update.


I had to go out of town Sunday (my employer is under the impression I was ill, so please don't tell on me). Anime Queen's birthday is Wednesday. My work schedule changed again. I'm due to start a computer class next week. I suppose I oughta clean the house (Hubby's done his fair share & more lately). I want to try out my new clothes washer.

I'll be back soon to try and catch up on my neglected blog.


Darcie said...

I just want to say that your hubby gives me hope that one day my hubby will do his fair share of cleaning!! Any tips for me? :)

patrick said...

truly, blogging in itself is becoming a major form of literature... in a way