Sunday, August 17, 2008

Weekend Events

Busy busy busy weekend. The hubby is off, the Anime Queen is visiting with her Gma & Gpa & assorted others for a week or so. Pianist is off to the beach with the other Gma & Gpa & assorted others. College Student is settling back in at Gma & Gpa's and has his sights set on the start of another semester at school. His wheels are at the shop being fixed and he's bought some of the books he needs.

Hubby and I are alumni of College Student's school. They've just completed renovations and major additions to the campus that will enlarge and diversify the studant body, so we wandered around ooohing and aaaahing and reminiscing. It was fun. I hope that the improvements will bring the school a brighter future and help them nurture the dreams and ambitions of generations of future students.

Unfortunately the town closest to the school isn't doing so well and its struggles are reflected in decrepit storefronts and overgrown homes easily seen from the road. When we attended school here the town thrived and bustled and hummed with activity. It's sad to see it now, honestly. I guess it's like watching a loved one go from healthy to gravely ill and no matter what you do, it won't be enough.
Fortunately, College Student and the assorted grandparents live two towns over in a bustling little burg, so the opportunities for jobs and shopping and nightlife.

We're still down here visitiing and catching up with the family news and letting Gmas cook for us (YUM!). On the book front, I bought a copy of Orhan Pamuk's My Name is Red for the Read the Nobels project I just joined. Image found on

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