Friday, August 01, 2008

Cause to Celebrate

The repairs to the bathroom and kitchen floor are done!! YAY!!

But- my allergies are here full force. Good thing Pianist isn't here, he'd be miserable. Oy, the dust and dirt and mold spores (from the damp wood under the linoleum) floating around in the house. I changed the AC air filter. It was caked with dustbunny fuzz and dirt. Uck. I cleaned everything as best I could with warm soapy water and a few drops of bleach to kill the spores, but it'll still take several days to settle out. Then I'll have to clean up all over again. :(

The guys were pretty thorough, I think. I'm no professional, but it's a damn sight better than the standard repair crew the landlord sends over here. This crew says most of our issues stem from neglected plumbing repairs. I already knew that, as I've put in several requests but they won't send plumbers. Only the maintenance men who steal my flowers and are barely literate. So heaven only knows how long these repairs will last. I'll enjoy them for now though.


Nicholas said...

Hi mummy.

This is the pianist. My alergies are fine. The repairing gardener hear got us a cat today. So far so good, i don't think i got the deathly illness thing you have about them. Anyway, i've been practicing clementi and howl. The kitty is tres shy, but i fed him dome of my fishy from dinner. Also, drena has had me make a list of what i want to do whilst i'm hear and before we go to the beach. Any suggestions? She got me a planner and i got my school supplies list. Ummmmm. email me pweez, or im. w/e. TTYL,

The pianist.
aka, pablo, the brain dead fool... the toilet exploder... etc.

conner still hasn't replied to my email i sent im a month ago. w/e

Bookwormom said...

Er..I'm afraid to ask. How did you get the nickname "toilet exploder"?

Nicholas said...

cuz if i say it enough, eventually someone will do it cz they heard about it online.

the piano + toilet exploding son of yours.

Nicholas said...

i haven't actually blown up a toilet though... forgot to say that. sounds like fun though...