Thursday, August 07, 2008

Thursday 13 #45- Miscellaneous items on today's to do list

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This week is a last minute list of some of the various things I managed to accomplish today.

1. Scrubbed out the bathroom

2. Good thing I did because the painter came by today to put the first coat over the primer.

3. Sorted through two of the bookcases. I now have enough shelf space so that everything stands upright. No extra piles on top or in front of books.

4. Also sorted through my keepers and decided some of them have to go too. Especially if I can't remember reading them or why I wanted to keep them in the first place.

5. Surfed the 'net looking for lists of who's been named to the Olympic road cycling teams in many of the European countries. Somehow I expected there to be a nice convenient list someone else would be kind enough to post. Uh yesh- I went back looking for the legs photo for #7 & the LIST is here.

6. Then again, I was sidetracked looking at photos of cyclists and China on Velo News.

7. Um. Gerald Ciolek's legs are YUMMY. Just sayin'. Thought the photo was on Velo News, but now I can't find it.

8. Beijing appears to be quite smoggy and the air pollution seems intractable.

9. I read somewhere that the Chinese gov't shut factories down for weeks to improve air quality. As much as I applaud their efforts, a gov't that can do that in the first place and be obeyed? Frightens me.

10. Washed dried and folded three loads of laundry.

11. Made dinner.

12. Picked Anime Queen from the Golden Arches.

13. Finally remembered that today is Thursday and I need to put up a post!! It was only 11:40 pm. I refuse to admit I might be disorganized or a procrastinator.

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