Thursday, August 14, 2008

Thursday 13 #46- Beijing Olympics

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1. All of the empty seats in the arenas make me sad, no matter the reason. Olympians have worked so hard the seats ought to be full to capacity.

2. The perpetual smog is awful. I wonder how many Beijing residents have respiratory diseases?

3. Whatever version of the national anthem they're using, I wish we could use it over here. It's much nicer than what we normally hear.

4. Am I the only one to find the "Michael Phelps 24-7" channel annoying? Or perhaps I'm the only suspicious one who wonders if he's really clean. Then again, I do watch a lot of professional cycling, which everyone knows is full of doping. Regardless. Phelps' contribution to Olympic history is substantial, but for heaven's sake there are so many other athletes there, lets hear about them too!!

5. The airline commercial of the ocean animal orchestra is beautiful. The flying fish leaping out of the water in time to the music just brings it all together for me. The McDonald's commercial with the gloating little kids? Showcases all that is wrong with a society who allows kids to behave like that.

6. As my Lovely Sister pointed out, the ladies who bring the athletes to the podium wear beautiful floor length cheong sam. The floor length white dresses with blue appliques along the edges.

7. The U.S. gymnastics comments about Beijing falsifying birth dates and purposefully delaying scoring to favor their athletes sounds like childish whining over spilt milk, not to mention salacious. The US ladies did the best they could, don't belittle their efforts by griping and complaining.

8. According to the Washington Post the US 'hospitality house' is Beijing is anything but. You may need to register to see the article (free). Supposedly the U.S. house is only for VIPs and moneyed businessmen. In order to drum up business and contacts one presumes. Our reputation overseas is already so bad, the delegation could have shared good will and hospitality and friendliness by inviting regular folks in for a good time. Unfortunately our bad international reputation is being reinforced. Again.

9. The Belgium- US women's beach volleyball match was excellent. The Belgians gave as good as they got for the first set. It was fun to watch.

10. Enjoyed the dressage and the all too brief snatch of fencing and water polo. Watching it all on the 'puter just isn't the same. Then again, I'm likely to be older than the demographic they're aiming for.

11. Love the Cube architecture. You can see the 'bubbles' inside and out all the time. Fun and funky and apropos.

12. I read somewhere that during the ancient Olympics, the athletes were nude. Can I just say, that might make them more interesting to watch. Especially now that both men and women can participate. LOL ;)

13. The interview with the artist who designed the mascots and the "dancing/running Beijing" symbol? Was great. I love that the Chinese government chose a former dissident who had been jailed, but whose work is now seen as representative of China and Chinese culture all around the world.

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