Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Perfect Waltz; Anne Gracie

I'm thinking Anne Gracie is my new glom. Good for the reader in me, bad for my wallet. Unless I find them in the UBS..Anyhow, The Perfect Waltz was written by Ms. Anne Gracie and published by Berkley in November 2005. I read the first book in the Merridew sisters group a few days ago. My thoughts HERE.

The heroine this time around is Hope Merridew, one of the twins. Naturally she is a darling of the Ton, a diamond of the first water, etc. No shy, retiring wallflower she. Sebastian Reyne has recently decided he needs a wife in order to better care for his younger sisters recently returned to him. Sebastian has specific criteria due to issues with his sisters. With the help of his buddy Giles Bemerton, a man whose social polish is well known, Sebastian decides Lady Elinor Whitelaw is meets all of his criteria. That he's actually attracted to Hope is irrelevant.

So Sebastian sets out to court Lady Elinor. That she and Hope move in similar circles means they all meet frequently. Giles steps in to assist with socializing duties, and he and Lady Elinor are like oil and water. Poor Elinor, convinced the only way she can honor her recently deceased mother is to be just like her. Only Giles sets himself to make her see that this idea is wrong.

The Perfect Waltz allows the reader to watch two different couples step through an intricate dance complicated by the little Reyne sisters, Sebastian's sense of honor and duty, and the faces we all wear when out in public. Absolutely one of the best romances I've read in a long long time. Keeper.

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