Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Not Dead

YET. Still here, in fact. However, I've been all atwitter over recent kerfuffles at work the end result of which is that I've finally put in my two week notice. My last day will be next Tuesday. Which is actually one of my regular days off. Yes I planned it that way. My notice had been in for a week when another huge storm blew in and my manager asked me to stay. Until then she appeared to be perfectly ok with my leaving. Once the storm hit she asked me if there was anything she could do to convince me to stay. Then told me nothing I asked for would be guaranteed or promised. So my answer, of course, will be:"No thank you. I'm leaving."

Meanwhile I just finished a huge test(one of only two aside from the final) in the computer class I'm taking. I've no idea how I did. Maybe God will smile at me and bless me with a B. But I doubt it. I'm behind in one of the projects. Another project is due Thursday. A project I thought I'd saved but now I can't find it. I also have a post due up Thursday morning at Access Romance. APost which is as yet, unwritten.

On the plus side, I saw an old friend today and we're hoping to get together next week after I stop working. Also on the plus side, my sister sent me a basket of coffee and a mugstand for our birthday. No, we're not twins, but our natal days sit side by side in May.

However, I have been reading. One day in the future when I'm caught up and my children have had a home cooked meal and my house is semi clean I'll post my thoughts.

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CindyS said...

Sorry about work but at least you made the right decision for you. Taking a class in anything scares me so you are doing great (even a project behind) and reading is getting done. Food and cleanliness can't be far behind *glances at the mess on the desk* uh, for you!