Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Love military heroes

Started Frisco's Kid by Suz Brockmann last night. Starts off great, no big issues related to the book. It does have a child as a central character, which for me is not a big deal.

The hero is a combat wounded Navy SEAL (who are completely delicious- I dated a SEAL pre hubby) whose anger & bitterness is totally realistic & understandable. My problem is my own. I had to have regular care at Walter Reed Army Medical Center and National Naval. We live out the front gate from Quantico. Combat wounded veterans are a regular part of my life. Some of them are only two or three years older than my older son. Babies really.

I've continued with Frisco's Kid & am enjoying it, I think because it is set in California. Easier to set aside 'reality' when it takes place 3,000 miles away. Unfortunately for me, author Cathie Linz features Quantico as either a real or peripheral place in her books & I've been unable to set aside the fact that I live here. Do Brits have this problem with historicals I wonder? I digress. Linz's heroes are hunky, macho Marines & the stories are easy to read & fun. Unless you're me & live & work on & around Quantico & get to watch real, live Marines daily. Running even. Hot. Sweaty. I think I need to go do some errands now...on Quantico.


McVane said...

Do Brits have this problem with historicals I wonder?

For me, yes.

Anne E. said...

When I lived in Fredericksburg, I commuted to work on the VRE daily. Going through Quantico made my day! Unfortunately for me, so many military guys in my age group tend to be very married with far more children than the national average. What happened to," If the army wanted you to have a wife we would have issued you one?"

Anne E. said...

I meant the Marine Corps!

Bookwormom said...

Several years ago there was a Marine Corps general who wanted to change the regs to permit only single, childless young people into the MC as the lifestyle is very hard on families & the pay, esp. for junior enlisted personnel, is ridiculously low.

Needless to say he was shot down.

Beverly said...

See, I can't read military romances at all after being in the Army (even though I married a soldier). They may look good, but most of them are jerks, ESPECIALLY the officers and the special forces guys (the ones most romances are about). Hard to get past picturing the guy leaving that romantic scene with the heroine in the romance novel, to go be a elitist, sexist, rascist jerk to everyone he works with.