Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Hurried hello

Went to Books A Million yesterday & bought a few goodies. The new Gaelen Foley, the new Ann Lawrence, two Jade Lee books from the Tigress series, a hardcover copy of The Illuminator for 50% off. Sorry, no titles. I'm rushed for time & am in the library under time restraints. Daughter bought two Katie Maxwell books, said they looked very funny.

The temperatures have abruptly soared into the sauna range. If my car would only stop overheating I'd be happy. Can't have everything I suppose. My left upper leg & forearm are toasty brown already due to sun & heat from driver's window. I need to go to the pool & even myself out or I'll spend the remainder of the summer striped.

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Anne E. said...

Just when I thought I was finished buying for a few weeks, you have to go and mention "The Illuminator" at 50% off! It is horrible down here in central VA as well. I can hardly wait to see my VP bill next month.