Saturday, June 25, 2005

Baen Free Library

Thought I'd mention one of my favorite websites, the Baen Free Library. Baen is a big publisher in the science fiction & fantasy genres. The website has entire novels by a large number of authors available as free e-reader downloads. The site is also set up so that a visitor can read complete texts while online. It is updated fairly regularly & has quite a wide variety of choices.

Personally, this has encouraged me to spend money on Baen authors whom I might not otherwise have read. I really like to read an author's backlist if I can find it- does this offset money lost by offering free downloads? I've no idea, but IMO, this creates a type of brand loyalty that creates a 'good vibe' among readers.

Bought myself a new cell phone yesterday- & then spent all my free time (HA, as if there's a lot of that) hunting for wallpaper & screensavers & ringtones. Yes I'm a geek at heart. The phone was actually supposed to be for hubby, but it has a color screen & is polyphonic ringtone capable &.....It's mine now. I had a two year old phone which is physically smaller, but with fewer bells & whistles. This is my problem, I like bells & whistles &, as mentioned before, have serious issues with waiting for something I want.

Have a good weekend, everyone!


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