Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Calgon take me away

I'm back again. I missed you guys. It's rough nursing a sick kid when you're sick too. Child #3 came home Friday with what we initially thought was stomach flu, but he has yet to fully shake it off. Hubby & I now suspect he has a mild case of food poisoning from the school lunch Friday. Meantime, I had stomach flu myself bad enough for hubby to dig out the heavy artillery (otherwise known as phenergan) Saturday night. All better now, but spent Sunday woozy from the phenergan.

SO- Monday, daughter calls from school at 9:15. She was bowled over by the class romeo during PE & slammed her head on the ground. "I have a terrible headache can I come home?" Rush over there, She looks fine only tired. Pupils equal & no blood anywhere. No fainting. No vomiting. Bring daughter home. Install on couch where she promptly falls sound asleep. Call hubby. Whine at hubby (while he's at work- my favorite). Hubby- VERY ALARMED- must keep daughter awake. NO meds. Only ice. Is she slurring? Pupils ok? Now I'm beginning to think, should I be more worried? He is a nurse after all. So, spend Monday afternoon keeping child #2 awake & supplied with ice. Also child #3 needs large amounts of various stomach meds due to ongoing symptoms.

Now it's Tuesday. Still have #3 at home, but he's symptom free so far. Perhaps tomorrow I'll be sending all of the kids to school & maybe they'll stay there. Yes, I'm an impatient, unsympathetic mother. I cherish my days puttering around the house. ALONE. I suppose part of the problem is that if I'm sick I simply want to hide in my room, undisturbed, with ice water, tissues, the radio & a stack of magazines (not enough attention for books). Topping it all off, I'm unreasonable enough to wish children & husbands are the same way when they're sick.

Somehow I managed to read Susanna Gregory's Bone of Contention. Matthew Bartholomew, teacher & physician & his friend Br. Michael, a Benedictine, also teacher & Sr. Provost at Oxford University in the mid 1300's become involved in a complicated plot featuring fake religious relics, arson, rioting & unrequited love. Several red herrings. Excellent. Rich in detail & intricately plotted. I hope to start #3 in the series A Plague on Both Your Houses tonight.

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Tara Marie said...

God Bless You, sick kids when you'r sick--nothing worse. I'm with you send them all to school.