Saturday, June 11, 2005

Frustrated & Perplexed

All of the uhm..heated discussions regarding "appropriate standards". Not to mention the related issues between erotica & romantica, language, the quality of book covers (or lack thereof), RWA, etc- is becoming exhausting. Admittedly I do have a tendency to avoid confrontations & conflict, but this is ridiculous.

Everyone whines about wanting more respect, better writing & editing, more or less revealing covers, more or less sex, etc. Here we are, fighting like kids in school. "I'm right. I said it first. I'm older. Nyah, nyah, nyah...My boobs are bigger..I'm not sharing!" For heavens' sake, I feel like Charlie Brown listening to Lucy & Linus. Ok, I don't remember Lucy & Linus fighting about boobs, but you get my drift.

Surely there is enough cash & readers to satisfy all of the feuding camps? This is America- land of multiple Visa, Am Ex & MC. You know, if there's a fantastic shoe sale you can always find a way to buy that cute pair (or two) you have your eye on.

There seems to be an assumption that the romance shoe sale has only two pairs left & there are five chicks fighting for them. You know, like the Filene's Basement wedding dress sale. One chick holding twenty dresses & screaming that no she can't give any of them up.

IMO, there are plenty of women out there who buy the various flavors & these women seem to have ample cash to go around. The financial numbers alone "justify" romance. Why are we women so fixated on external justification? Why the hell do we need someone else to pat us on the head & say "You're a good girl." ?

Money talks & bullshit walks. Seems to me our money speaks pretty loudly. Romance's detractors could be likened to the greedy bully outside the candy store. He wants more & isn't above threatening & taunting the kids who come out of the store laden with candy in order to get more loot.

Completely different topic now

Found the Star Wars trilogy on sale at Wally World & just had to get it. Only $43. Of course this means that we will now have a SW marathon until all movies & extras have been viewed. No big deal I guess. It's a convenient reason to avoid getting anything substantial done this weekend. Oh yes- also bought a copy of The Incredibles (DVD).


Anne E. said...

I just posted on the RT REaders Roundtable Board similar to whatalso published the other day in regard to erotic books. Part of my statment was I only have so much time to read and only have so much money to spend, so I really want to spend it on the best. You have given me several good recommendations for books -- I just finished reading "The Novice's Tale" and have ordered the next five in the series (although "The Outlaw's Tale" is out-of-print, so if you have a copy, keep ahold of it, and you may someday be able to finance someone's college tuition).

To change the subject, what did you think of the Republican candidates attending the Jefferson Davis memorial in Richmond the other day? It is my understanding that they recited the Pledge to the Confederate flag. None of them saw this as hurting their chances to pick up votes in the black community -- are they really that naive? I posted something about it on my blog under the current story about social responsibility.

Bookwormom said...


I can't find any further info about this event except a post on a Sons of Confederate Veterans website. Please post a link to an article that has some details.

Yes, I think they were that naive. This is white Southern history after all. Besides, this has gotten very little air up here- unless I missed the newscast which is entirely possible as I only see the 6 am broadcast.