Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Busy, busy, busy

OMG- the prep required to send a teenager off on a ten day overseas trip is amazing. Our oldest son is off on a trip with our church youth group and five adult mentors. If he hadn't gone on a trip last summer with my brother, I'd be an anxious wreck. As it is, there were a million last minute errands, preferably to a store on the other side of the area, with bad directions, in the pouring rain, with a cranky younger son &- to cap it all off- 35 minutes before they close. Luckily, we managed it & they had what we needed.

So here we are, hubby & I, with roughly a week alone together. My parents took younger son & his bike down to their house this morning at 9:30. My sister has daughter for another 7-10 days. What shall we do with so much time alone I wonder?! It is, actually, an early anniversary gift from my family. We shall clebrate our 18th anniversary this fall. Perhaps we ought to go away this weekend? Hmm....

The only book related thing I've done is weed my TBR down enough to put most of the books back in my room out on the shelves. Not all, but most. I also have a bag of books to take to the UBS. Damnit- I just looked across the room & realized my mother took some of my library books down to her house. *SIGH* Hope I shall remember to renew them tomorrow. Humph. Not likely, best to renew them now while I'm online.

Oh yes, the other book item- I've read half of Ann Lawrence's Lord of the Mist. SO far it's very good, much more involved than the last AL I read- can't be sure of the title, but I think it was Lord of the Hunt.

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