Monday, March 12, 2007


Son #1~ Suffering with what is called 'short timers attitude' in the military. In other words, he can't seem to be bothered with homework, projects, etc. because, and I quote, "I'm graduating in June, mom." Well, let me tell you- if he keeps up with the current attitude it'll be a miracle if he makes it. Has been hired for the summer to work selling concessions for the local farm baseball team. Very excited, although the pay is minimum wage. Real life, here we come!

Son's GF~ He keeps telling me, "not really GF/BF, mom", but they talk on the phone an hour a day. I've been married nearly 20 years & we don't talk that much. LOL ;) Anyhow, she's been permitted to return to school on a greatly reduced schedule. Which is good news all 'round. Is back in hospital for a cardiac cath, but supposedly this is a routine check on her heart health & rejection status.

Daughter~ Hanging on in geometry by her fingernails. I've gotta hand it to her, though. She's persistant & disciplined & tries her damndest. I've already advised her not to choose a career field where lots of math is necessary. She tells me calculators are a girl's best friend. She and some GFs spent the night and pulled an all night Supernatural season 1 marathon. Very nearly went to an anime convention, but was derailed at the last minute by a previous obligation to volunteer at the animal shelter.

Son #2~ Still puttering along. Is finally done with his detested piano primers & has moved on to "real music". He has also had his first lesson on the organ at church & talked about stops & pedals & ranks & buttons for days afterwards. Very excited young man, let me tell you. Oh & BTW- he's nearly as tall as Daughter despite being almost 4 years younger. She's not best pleased either. What else? He applied for the same specialty program Daughter is going through. Notification letters to be mailed end of the week. Husband claims Son is nervous about getting in, but I've not seen that from him.

Husband~Works for the Army medical system here in DC. The same one that has been pilloried around the world for lack of adequate care, etc. Needless to say, the whole damn place is in an uproar, which looks to be worsening over time. Not exactly good for his stress level. On the upside, his birthday is coming up soon & he's requested b'fast in bed. After the kids go to school. ;)


Jenster said...

I enjoy hearing what's going on with all of you. I'm glad son's GF who isn't really his GF is doing well. What a long road for her and her family!

Sounds like the family is doing well. What special yum are you giving DH for his birthday? And I'm talking about the breakfast in bed! LOL

Tara Marie said...

I think you'd be nervous Son #1 didn't suffer from 'short timers attitude' we all went through it to some extent :D Like Jen, I'm glad to hear the "not really GF" is doing so well. One of my husband's cousins married her "not really BF" have been quite happy for 20 years now--LOL

Daughter sounds like such a good girl--congrats.

Hope my son is as happy to reach the "real music" stage at this point scales stink--lol.

Jen scared me with this one...Sounds like the family is doing well. What special yum are you giving DH for his birthday? LOL