Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Green Jasper; K.M. Grant

The further adventures of Ellie, Gavin, Will, Kalim and Hosanna the blood red horse. In this, the second installment of their saga, home (England) does not prove to be as welcoming as the brothers might wish. Gavin questions his worthiness as a leader because he lost an arm on Crusade. You'd think it would be seen as an honorable loss, in battle & for God etc. but apparently not. Will proves that it is always wiser to think before you leap into action. Kalim again proves that loyalty and honor can sometimes win out over the desire for vengeance. & Ellie? Well, Ellie and Old Nurse, that ale swilling, obese & beloved old woman? Together they prove that women too can be courageous and honorable and brave. Richard the Lionhearted, Prince John, Saladin and that evil swine Constable de Scabious all make their bows. As does a certain young lady named Marissa (I think. Again, it would be nice if I took notes before returning these books!), who like people everywhere, seems determined to make more trouble than she's worth.

Anyhow- the third in this series is titled Blaze of Silver and will be published next month.


Jenster said...

I've put these two books (paperback) in my wish list at B&N. That way, when I finally DO check out the local library here I can look at my wish list and remember these. This looks like a great series.

Jenster said...

I just saw this at RT and thought you might be interested:

More screen domination threatens from Ahern in 2008, when her touching debut novel PS, I LOVE YOU, about a woman picking up the pieces after her husband's death through the help of letters he's written to her, is released as a film starring Hilary Swank as the grieving widow, Gerard Butler as her dearly departed and a host of other Hollywood luminaries (Kathy Bates, Harry Connick Jr., Lisa Kudrow) in the supporting cast.

Good cast!

Gavin said...

This series looks really good. I'm adding it to my list. Thanks for the reviews.

Bookwormom said...

Jenster- Thanks for the update re: PS I Love You.

Gavin- Hope you like them.