Friday, March 23, 2007

The Faery Reel; ed. Datlow & Windling

An anthology of short stories, compiled by two prominent editors in the fantasy genre. Originally published by Viking in 2004. Several prominent authors: Patricia McKillip and Neil Gaiman among others. This is a wonderful title for those times when you're overly busy & need something you can pick up & put back down at random. I loved the artwork at the beginning of each story. Favorite pieces: Catnyp by Delia Sherman; the story by Bill Congreve who is an Australian author I'm adding to my library list, his piece was very evocative of his homeland; Never Never by Bruce Glassco, which attempts to set Capt. Hook straight as to the true purpose of Never Never Land. In truth all of the stories in The Faery Reel are good, these simply stick out in my memory more than most. Also included in an appendix is a list of related titles, a few of which I've already borrowed from my library. Each story is followed by an editors note about the author's career & lists titles recently comleted (as of publication date of this volume) or soon to be published as well a awards received.

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