Friday, March 09, 2007

They Call Me Naughty Lola; ed. David Rose

They Call Me Naughty Lola, edited by David Rose and published by Scribner in 2006, is a collection of some of the most creative, painful and funny personal ads placed in the London Review of Books. I saw it on a table of new books at the library and couldn't resist. Occasionally I read the personals in our local paper for exactly the same reason- laughs. Yes, I'm mean enough to laugh at other people's desperation. Rarely have I ever seen ads quite as funny as these, though. Then again- I love the Brits' dry, ironic sense of humor. Best read in bed curled up beside your special someone so s/he too can laugh at humanity's gift for creativity even in the face of bleak despair and overwhelming loneliness. Whatever the well of inspiration, this is certainly worthy of a spot on your bedside table.


Tara Marie said...

This ones going on my library request list--LOL.

When I was in high school our local Pennysaver started running personal ads long before any other papers were doing them and boy were they extremely risque mostly swinger stuff. I remember reading them outloud to my mom, I'd be in the dining room she'd be in the kitchen yelling at me to put the *^&*)& thing in the garbage. Just remembering brings a giant smile, thanks :D

Jenster said...

Sounds like fun! Just the kind of book I need when I'm not in the mood for a novel. :o)