Wednesday, March 14, 2007

2 DNFs

One is A Factory of Cunning by Philippa Stockley. This is set up so that the story evolves via letters written by the characters. Normally this doesn't bother me, but for some reason I just couldn't submerge myself into Ms. Stockley's creation. Another possible factor: vengeance appears to be a main motivation behind the lead character, "Mrs. Fox." Again, this wouldn't normally be an issue. It simply didn't gel for me. Another time, perhaps.

The second is Secrets of the Night by Jo Beverley. I find the whole premise shaky at best: well off young woman in a comfortable marriage of convenience finds a Malloren injured by the wayside, takes him home and has her way with him for an entire weekend specifically to conceive a child to prevent a sectarian relative from inheriting the estate. Not only that, but they manage to 'fall in love' over the course of the weekend, despite the fact that she insists on wearing a mask, keeps him locked in his room & swears no one can know the true course of events.


CindyS said...

Is Secrets of the Night the one everyone liked at AAR? So, what happened to her husband?

I like Jo Beverly on the boards but I tend to have a problem with her books - I think he Malloren series ended too often with an audience with the King and Queen. Meh.

Also, your cell phone sounds fun - I have a new one but I have no clue what I could be allowed to do - I pay as I go which is best for me.


Bookwormom said...

Cindy- Don't know if AAR liked this one. I've not checked, TBH. When I stopped reading the story, the Husband wasn't in the action. Supposedly he was at home sick or some such nonsense.