Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Cell phone fun

So, you remember I said I'm not on the 'net much 'cuz of burnout? Ok, yesterday I discover my cell phone has RSS capability (at no extra charge! YAY!). Meaning, I can list a bunch of sites I want to keep track of & the phone stores it- saving me precious hunt & peck typing time, not to mention crackberry thumb (an authentic disorder, BTW). Unlike my Brother, living among the golden waves of grain, who could type 100+ wpm. Or at least, he claims he used to.

Anyhow, I've had fun entering sites & blogs & whatnot into my little phone so I can keep track of youse guys even while away from a full size 'puter. Only one or two hitches. One:I can't leave comments. The phone claims the sites have unauthenticated security certificates. Whatever. So, Jenster's adorable rant about her motormouth kid? Couldn't leave a sympathy comment. Two: some sites whose entries have hyperlinks won't come up. Example- Smartbitches won't come up either on the 'net (the phone surfs too) or on the RSS aggregator. However, Tara's blog comes up on both the RSS and on the phone's 'net fine even with hyperlinks (which work, BTW).

I'm not complaining. The phone was cheap (less than $100), as 'net capable phones go. So a glitch or two, here & there? No biggie. Son #2 has loaded Lemonade Tycoon onto it & plays it in the car. Also. The younger two kids have already beaten the other game (Tropical Madness) I put on it & now regularly beg me to pony up the $$$ for more games. Any reccs for cell phone games with great graphics? That my kids won't beat as soon as its loaded onto the phone?


Jenster said...

Gosh, Amanda. You make my phone seem so boring! I wonder what it's truly capable of.

Angry Woman said...

Crackberry thumb is a very common affliction among all the commuters on NJ Transit. I swear almost every other person on the train has a Crackberry, I mean Blackberry. Some spas actually have a massage that is geared for crackberry thumb.

Speaking of video games for the cell phone, try Diner Dash or Bejeweled. I have Diner Dash and it's pretty cool.

Bookwormom said...

Jenster- The phone can almost replace the regular computer. Not quite, but it's a near thing.

AW- Thanks for the game reccs.

Gavin said...

Frozen Bubble is pretty good. And it's free if I remember ...
Have you tried reading eBooks with Mobipocket Reader ?