Thursday, November 16, 2006



Children. What can you do with them?! The college hunting Son #1 thinks he might be interested in minoring in music next year. Therefore, could Santa (ie: his dad and I) be persuaded to bring him a better quality sax? Of course, an upgrade, even for a secondhand sax, is very pricely. Christmas is what? 5 weeks away.

Oh,yes. Santa is made of money you see. In addition to tuition, room, board & fees Son needs a new computer for next year. Or at least several upgrades on the computer he already has. And perhaps dad and I could let him use the car? Because we- as boring stick in the mud employed parents don't need it, you see.

He's not a selfish or greedy kid at all. Just a typical American teenager who has no concept of the value of a dollar. Or of exactly how expensive these next four years will be. So, you know. Asking for a new sax, a new computer, and a refurbished car PLUS college money is no big deal. Mom will just write checks.



Mailyn said...

OMG I read sex instead of sax. Dear lord I need a vacation, or a break, or something! Or maybe it's just my perverted mind. LMAO.

Jenster said...

LOL - Mailyn!!!! What kind of upgrade would THAT be???

It won't be too much longer (relatively speaking) that he'll know exactly what the value of a dollar is. Until then, whaddya do??


Bookwormom said...

Mailyn- I think you just need a MAN! If only for a little while. LMAO~

Jenster- I shudder to think of that upgrade. Until then I roll my eyes & tell him to get a J.O.B. He hasn't yet. LOL