Saturday, November 04, 2006

Family Day

Daughter and I spent the morning doing girly stuff- we played with makeup. It was fun. She is very fair, like her father, and I'm olive complected so our palettes are totally different. I bought her a few new colors: peach blush, navy & grey eyeliners, brown (not black! which looks overdone on her) mascara. The aim was to show her alternate ways to wear eyeliner that emphasize her eyecolor. A GF of hers resurrected the old 70's trick- line the interior edge of the lower eyelashes with black. Which then bleeds down her cheeks and makes her look like a racoon & pisses off the father.

We also put a magnifying make up mirror in her room & all of the little accessories a girl needs. Sharing a bathroom with males is the bane of a girl's existence. Hopefully now she can practice in the privacy of her room without worrying that she'll she rousted out in the middle. I put her copy of Bobbi Brown's Teenage Beauty on her desk. Thank goodness, never once does it advocate racoon eyeliner. Unfotunately, the father still doesn't like her to wear makeup, but he agrees today's results were better than the racoon eyes. I just need to buy her some lip glosses.

Son #1, he of the crazy October dash through New England, took the SATs this morning. First, let me rant- THESE DAMN TESTS ARE FLIPPIN' EXPENSIVE!!! More money than I think they're worth, but the tests are embedded into the educational establishment in an amazingly incestuous manner. Anyhow, Husband dropped him off this morning & I picked him up at one. Other than being hungry & drowning in laundry and homework the Son #1 has nothing to do. LOL Oh yeah. He needs to practice driving at some point too.

Son #2 did his morning chores & started washing his linens. Dumped his pillows into the washer..and one of them exploded. Not completely. One side of the pillow was shredded. We laughed & laughed. You'd think the manufacturer would use fabric sturdy enough to survive a washing machine. NOT. I'll have to buy him a zip up case for it. The other pillow is fine. Clean and puffy and smells good. Rollerblading is the new fun activity. Preferably on the brand new back deck just added on Friday afternoon by our landlord.

Husband taught a class at work. This time it was the 36 week Childbirth class. You know the one. "You are pregnant. Labor is called labor because you will have to work hard and it will hurt. Even with an epidural, you will have pain. Not discomfort, PAIN. Real labor and childbirth are not like 'A Baby Story' on TLC."

Husband is such a professional. I'd just stand up there and say, "SHUT UP and STOP WHINING. Women centuries over have had babies without all of our advances. Be a woman and DEAL WITH IT." This is why the Husband teaches. LOL ;)


CindyS said...

That liner on the inside of the eye wasn't used just in the 70s. We did it in the 80s too but it would just sit at our lash lines unless we cried. Or rubbed our eyes. Funny how when I was a teen I wanted to wear make up and now I don't wear make up unless we're going to a wedding or something. Phew.

You wash your pillows? We have down pillows so I don't think you are supposed to wash those.


Bookwormom said...

I remember seeing it in HS in the 80's too, now that you mention it, Cindy. Yuck for both decades.

We do wash our pillows acouple of times a year, but they aren't down. Most of us have allergies and pillow washing helpsp keep the dust & allergens lower.

Maybe knows if you should wash down pillows??