Sunday, November 19, 2006

Procrastinators Unite

Turkey Day is Thursday. Christmas is only 4 1/2 weeks away. This is prime postponing season. You're probably familiar with the drill. "I can do that tomorrow." "I can't decide between ____ or ____ or ___, so I'll wait until later to get this person's gift." You and your spouse have a signifigant discussion about appropriate gift bag items for friends or last minute guests. So you table the conversation until LATER. Like you'll have TIME LATER. The line is too long. LOL

Somehow, when I was working a few years ago, I was one of those uber organized, finished everything by November first kinda people. I was working a job that involved regular contact with the public. By the time I got home, the last thing I wanted to do was turn around and go shopping/bake/wrap as soon as I got home. Not to mention the pleasantness of our fellow man during this most joyous and holy season of the year.

Now I'm a lady of leisure. Free to put my feet upon the couch and eat bon bons and watch soap operas and game shows all day. Free to volunteer for the PTA and Room Parent and this committee and that committee and this other committee. Without a care in the world. Happy to make cupcakes and brownies and triple layer complicated French gateaux during my long, work free days.

Once I stopped working do you think I maintained this habit of having Christmas bought, wrapped and organized by the start of November? *maniacal laughter* You're crazy. The first Christmas I wasn't working, we reveled in the time together, Hubby and I. We did it all as a couple. Because Husband is a nurse, time together was hard to find. Thus the new Bookwormom Tradition- waiting until mid December to prepare for Christmas.

This year is no different. Tentatively Hubby and I decided to do gift jars. Have we decided who gets what, how many, what kind, made lists of necessary items?? Of course not.

You have to truly love Christmas to put up with it all. Thank heavens, I really really do. Otherwise I'd take December off.


Tara Marie said...

...when I was working a few years ago, I was one of those uber organized, finished everything by November first kinda people.

Me too, I'd have my shopping and wrapping done by Halloween, even my Christmas cards were written early, so I wouldn't feel "hassled" by the holidays.

For the last few years I was finishing up the week of Christmas, but this year I'm back to organized, kind of--LOL. The cards are ready, and half the shopping is done and I'll start wrapping right after Thanksgiving. I'm hoping to have everything done the first week of December.

I've volunteered for the school party, a wrapping fund raiser at B&N and Santa Shopping for the kids at school.

Devonna said...

I've got one present bought so far ~ that's it. Every year I say that I'll slowly pick up a few things here and there so that by the time Christmas arrives, I'll be ready. Nope ~ hasn't happened yet and I'm going on, oh about 20 years of saying I'm going to start this. One year I really will.

Mailyn said...

LOL! I am joining the ranks as well. I don't even know how many people I'm shopping for or what the hell I am getting them!

Maybe I should just join you on your couch and eat bon bons. :-)

CindyS said...

Since we moved this year we just didn't have the spare funds to start buying for Christmas in June and I wasn't allowed to buy anything before that because Bob wasn't going to move it. 'kay. My Dad's birthday was last weekend and the iron owl we bought him made the move - we bought it in March of last year.

So to say I'm behind this year is an understatement. I also normally have all of Bob's small gifts purchased but I've bought him nothing so far.

I'm preparing for a meltdown of epic proportions this year. Oh and this is the first time we will ever host Christmas - yeah, January is looking vera, vera nice.


Bookwormom said...

You ladies are all welcome to come eat bon bons and watch soaps Chez Bookwormom. LOL

I'm glad I'm not the only one who's behind.