Monday, November 13, 2006

Stomach Flu Strikes

Stomach flu strikes Bookwormom Central. Poor Son #2, vomited on the bus (into the trash can, thank heaven!) on the way to school. I was still over at the park, having just finished a morning walk when the secretary called, "You need to come pick him up. He was ill on the bus." Poor little guy. He was cheerful and talkative the whole morning, until the fateful bus ride.

So I picked him up and brought him home. He got his pjs on, without complaining, dragged his double bed size Spiderman blanket and his pillow out into the living room and promptly fell asleep for the remainder of the morning. Woke up long enough to eat some rice at lunchtime. Remember the BRAT diet? Bread, rice, applesauce and tea? Son had decided he was fine after all & scarfed down a plate of leftover wild rice while I was in my room flipping the mattress.

We had to pick up Daughter and Son #1 after school, so I piled him into the car with a dishpan, his blanket and fervent prayers that he wouldn't be sick again while we were out. He fell asleep again. We rushed around & picked up the other two kids, went to the grocery store & made it back home. Good thing too, buddy. He's made up for his quiet day with a vengeance.

This morning I sat here and surfed watching Son across the room. He's eleven now. When did he grow enough that he stretches from one end of the big couch to the other? He's sure to be tall and thin like his brother- they're almost exactly the same height at the same age. We've officially entered the stage where you can barely keep the child properly clothed, they grow so fast.

He's outgrown nearly all of his pants. What he didn't outgrow, he's torn up or stained playing outside. That's what childhood is all about, right? Playing so hard over the summer that your parents grumble at the start of the school year. He's too big to wear jackets, as well. You've seen the teens on the corner waiting for the bus shivering in the chily fall air because 'I'm too cool to wear a jacket?' Son #2 has started trying that one too. 'I'm not cold mom. It's warm out.' Yeah and I'm a yeti, kid.


Jenster said...

Aw. Poor kid! Stomach bugs are no fun!

I know what you mean about them growing. All of a sudden DD's pants aren't too long. And DS has grown several inches just since we moved. YIKES!


CindyS said...

Yikes on the stomach flu! I hope the other two don't catch it.

My brother is 31 and he still goes out without a jacket so good luck on that one.


Mailyn said...

I hope the kiddies get well soon. One of the fun fact about school..they all get sick at the same time. Yikes!

Tara Marie said...

Hope your little guy (or not so little anymore) is feeling better. Nothing worse than throwing up in public.

Bookwormom said...

Thanks for the good wishes everyone. I hope he's better today. Last evening was miserable.