Thursday, November 30, 2006

Beautiful day to Snooze

Today is the first day I've had a little while to sit here in front of the computer to mull over a post. I'm caught up with my errands and chores and obligations. The sun is bright, it's warm out. I believe I shall be a cat and curl up in the sun and snooze. At least until two forty five.

Then we're off to the races: pick up two younger children from school, supervise Son #1 while he drives us up to Arlington for the afternoon's events. It's Thursday, therefore- piano lesson, potluck dinner, bell choir and Son #2's choir. Wait for Husband to drive up to Arlington to await the end of choir (9:30) so he can drive #2 home. Meantime, I drive the older ones home and hustle them off to bed. Five forty five comes early for them. And me. The house is quiet. All is well. Pretty much. LOL

Not reading. The Charles de Lint hadn't held my attention well and now I've misplaced it. My father gave me a book to read, but it's sitting in Husband's car. I managed to get through the introduction, but now he's off to work (with my book for company) and I'm stuck.

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Mailyn said...

I think I hear the bed calling ya. LOL. :-)