Saturday, November 11, 2006

Down in the Valley

Husband and I took Son #1 out to Teeny Tiny College #4 (for TTCs 1 & 2 & 3, click here) this morning. We started with a bang- missed the alarm and woke up 40 minutes late. Too late to eat b'fast, we stopped for coffee and donuts- breakfast of champions! Could've skipped it altogether though. The college was kind enough to lay out a huge spread in the vestibule of the auditorium.

Most of the students were there for the conservatory half of the school, but Son is interested in the paraprofessional medical majors (pharmacy. physical therapy, etc). Son does play two instruments, but isn't interested in continuing to study music at that level, although he doesn't rule out minoring.

So you traipsed around much of the school, led along like good little sheep. Unfortunately many of the buildings & classrooms were locked. Bad form to have an open house and then not have rooms available for people to see. Two large new buildings under construction. Lunch in the cafeteria. Not too bad I guess. I've not eaten cafeteria food in ages, so I'm not much of a judge.

Highlight of the tour was entering the chapel. Inside, a string ensemble was rehearsing with a soprano and a music professor. Absolutely fabulous music. I could've sat there and listened all day. I'd enjoy driving out there just for the music, TBH.

We returned home late in the afternoon to remember that we'd invited the neighbor down the street to spend the night. Lovely. I barely tolerate this child when I'm not tired. Tomorrow is an early day at church, so we'll be out the door quick enough, but *waah* I just wanted to sit on the couch and veg and hibernate. Just us.


Jenster said...

So how did it go last night with your "company"?

You're making college shopping sound pretty fun!


Bookwormom said...

Hi Jen

The company had gone out with his GF and didn't return to his house until after 10:30. His mother kept him at home instead of sending him along to us. Which was nice, as we'd gone to bed at 10:30. LOL Yes, we're that boring.

College hunting is fun. As long as you prompt the child to ask relevant questions. As long as you don't burden the kid with your issues if you know what I mean. It is a way to start letting go.

Jenster said...

Hm. Sounds kind of scary, actually. At least I still have another three years before I have to start letting go. :o)