Friday, July 15, 2005

The temper tantrum continues

Dropped by Romancing the Blog late last night & again today. Apparently the 'Romance is literature & deserves respect' tantrum lives on. You know, I'm reminded of a toddler who doesn't get his way rolling around on the floor flailing her arms & screaming, 'I deserve respect!'. This situation is getting old fast.

The literati will never accept genre literature of any stripe. These people seem to me to be overly self involved (stuck up, as my kids tell me). Not only that, they want to exclude people, thus maintaining their 'higher social status' so to speak. The literati would likely say that money isn't the issue~ it's the ART stupid!

Whatever. Presumably artists need money to eat & pay bills too.

If romance writers,publishers & readers are so insecure that they need everyone else's respect, what's the point?! Is the respect of people who prejudge entire categories of fiction without prior knowlege worth having?

Someone says to you,"All Birkenstock wearers are vegetarians." You'd likely ask them to back up the statement with facts. "Do you know for sure? Where'd you hear that?" If they then said,"It's common knowlege. Everyone knows that." You're going to write them off as an uninformed, prejudiced quack. Why shouldn't romance aficionados do the same?

These tantrums are getting old. Read your romances proudly. Hold your head up. Someone who makes negative comments about you based on your reading (or writing) habits is less than dust beneath your Birkenstocks (or Pradas or flip flops). What is it about women's self esteem that we constantly need approval from outside sources?


Tara Marie said...

"All Birkenstock wearers are vegetarians."

Well, I wear Birks and I'm not a vegetarian, but I could be--LOL. Not because I have a problem with "meat", but because I don't particularly like meat. Like you needed to know this.

I have to agree with you. I'm getting a little tired of the whining--they might as well get over it and move on, romance authors wont get the respect they deserve... It's all been said.

Anne E. said...

I wear my Berks proudly and love a juicy steak! I can understand the frustration of romance novelists, however. To me, it is similiar to things I have encountered in the workplace, where someone get praised to the sky for doing something fairly mundane, and the person who did an outstanding job on a particular project is overlooked. When this happens consistently, which it sometimes does, it can eat away at folks. Sure, they should be able to get a good feeling from the satisfaction of a job well done, but recognition is important too.