Monday, July 04, 2005

MTV/VH1 ruined Live 8

Saturday was Live 8- as everyone knows, unless you live in Africa that is. I agree more needs to be done to help 'Regular Joe' Africans (as opposed to their dictators), yadda, yadda. I AGREE OK?!

But WTF is wrong with MTV & VH1?? Let me clarify- hubby & I had plans Saturday so we DVR'd the entire Live 8 broadcast on MTV & VH1. Sunday we settle in to watch what ought to have been some awesome performances.

NOT. What we ended up with was 'vj's' or whatever you call those awful, fucking annoying TSTL MTV/VH1 personalities. Note, the British MTV people probably would've been less irritating except that the US people continually interrupted them or simply cut away- while the Brits were talking!!

God forbid you wanted to hear an entire set or even an entire song in some cases. It was more important to get face time for the US vj's. Oh & let's not forget the advertisers. The same commercials. Over & over & over & over...You get the deal.

One song from Japan. Two or three from Berlin. Thirty seconds from Johannesburg South Africa. Two songs from Canada. No coverage at all for any of the other locations. Plenty of face time for some dude who thinks AIDS is white conspiracy to depopulate the earth of blacks. Oh yes. It was out there.On international tv. We replayed that interview three times, we were so shocked. It really happened.

Guess how much of the 8 hours of airtime was music? Seriously. Guess. Fast forward over the commercials, vj stupidity & interviews. How much time was left for music? Less than 3 hours. Yes, kiddies. Less than three hours. Not even half of all of that airtime was music. I guess actually showing the performances is right up there with showing music videos. IE- NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.

Hopefully the concerts will be put on DVDs so we can actually see & hear the music. I'm not holding my breath. And if MTV & VH1 put out the DVDs? I refuse to give them my money.

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