Sunday, July 17, 2005

Review~ No Greater Love; K. Kingsley

Georgia Wells, private seamstress to Lady Raven, agrees to marry Nicholas Daventry after meeting him once. Mrs. Wells, widow, has been kept isolated from the staff at the manor house & cannot leave as Lady Raven would never give her a reference. Nicholas Daventry is the supposedly ne'er do well nephew of Lord Raven, who fell mysteriously ill the day he wrote Nicholas asking him to return home. Daventry & Lady Raven have a poisonous past.

Daventry & Georgia marry in the local parish & settle into Daventry's run down family home. Trying to impress/not scare Georgia away, Daventry creates misunderstandings between them. Georgia, knowing she must make this marriage work, tries to put the best face on her miserable past & this too leads to misunderstandings. Meantime, there are Daventry's frightening night terrors to puzzle out. A serious illness causes both parties to review & rethink the basis for their relationship.They solve several longstanding family related problems & triumph in London while defeating the evil Lady Raven.

This novel uses several interwoven, traditional romance plotlines. The poor girl marries up. The evil stepmother/aunt. Mistaken/lost identity. Tortured hero. The difference is that Kingsley pulls them off this time. The H/H are in their midtwenties or early thirties. They communicate with each other (finally). They are devoted. They stand together & defend each other. Yes, the ending is a bit too neat & Georgia was briefly irritating regarding one issue, but overall, this has been a wonderful read.


Anne E. said...

I'll have to remember that one, as it is not in my TBR pile.

Kristie (J) said...

I read this one quite a while ago and I liked it quite a bit too. I really will have to go through my piles (and piles and piles) of books one of these days and reread some of my oldies but goodies. This will be one of them. There are a few more that are linked to this one, but NGL is my favourite.

Tara Marie said...

This whole series sat on my keeper shelves for years and years (read them when they were new). I haven't re-read them in years and recently traded my copies. Maybe I should have reread them first.

Bookwormom said...

Tara or Kristie(J)~ Could either of you tell me what the other books in this series are? Especially if Marguerite has a book? TIA, Amanda

meljean brook said...

I can tell you :) This is my all-time favorite.

NGL is followed by NO SWEETER HEAVEN (a more original book, and technically better in many ways) and NO BRIGHTER DREAM.

NO SWEETER HEAVEN is Pascal's story, and NO BRIGHTER DREAM is the son of Pascal. Nicholas and Georgia make appearances in each book (briefly).