Friday, July 01, 2005

Just a tidbit of personal info- I am a complete professional cycling junkie. The Tour de France starts tomorrow. I'll be watching every spare moment for the next three weeks unless I absolutley must do something else. So, there may be odd, completely unbook related ravings here. Alternatively, if the race sucks I may be ranting & raving at the horribleness of the Goddess for not giving me reasons to scream at the tv like a lunatic (much like hubby during March madness, I might add).

Stolen library book update. If you remember, my mother showed up Wednesday morning & took our younger son & several of my library books away with her. *Sigh* She called me today- I was stuck in the notorious DC 4th of July traffic- I had the radio way, way up- & said, "Your library books are great I love them!" Then she hung up on me! WTF!!!! I hadn't even started them & she's raving about how wonderful they are. Actually, she's lucky I saw the phone blinking. The guy in the car beside me & I were enjoying U2's 'One' together as we inched along I95. Great stuff. The music that is. Not the traffic.

No idea what we're doing for the famous 4th. Most likely we'll rush up the GW Parkway just in time to see the fireworks. Hubby has to work. Maybe this weekend we'll return to the Folklife Festival to see Paul Prudhomme, photo here in case you're unsure of who he is.


Anne E. said...

I'm going to the horse races tomorrow with my DS & planning on staying home on the 4th. Since my DGS is in Kansas at a family reunion, we're not having a cookout this year.

The heat is just so horrible down here that I am spending almost all my time in the house with the a/c cranked up, and the blinds closed. My next-door-neighbors just love the heat! Yesterday afternoon I went outside to empty and refill the bird bath, and they were sitting in their backyard -- it was 98 degrees with a heat index of 107! Later on I heard their two school age boys playing outside -- it was "only" 94 degrees with a heat index of 103 at that point. What's with these people??!! LOL! I am sure that they find my preference for cool, rainy weather as odd as I find their preference for hot, humid weather.

Bookwormom said...

It has been pretty toasty up here, but not nearly what you're enduring. The day we went up to the Mall it was in the 90's. Summer is for taking refuge in the freezing cold AC!

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