Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Murphy's Law at home

Time for an update on the homefront. Last evening I went into the kitchen to empty the dishwasher & scrub the pots. LO & behold~ the dishwasher was full of rinsed but still filthy dishes. The dishwasher drain is plugged. Huge sigh. wash & scrub & put away all of the dishes. This, BTW, was after the kid down the street shows up at 9:30; "I'm here to sleepover with older son." Naturally I'd forgotten.

Bail dishwasher out. Start scrubbing counters. Start wiping off washing machine. Get the shock of a lifetime while wiping dials. Pick myself up off the floor & unplug washer & run around like a maniac telling everyone not to touch the washer since I can't flip the breaker as it is shared with the 'fridge. Wonder what the hell else can go wrong before the night is over.

Spend today helping hubby replace wall outlet behind washer & dryer. Discover dryer vent has pulled away from the wall & the floor was covered with a fine layer of lint. Oh yes & the floortiles arecoming loose under the whole area. I try to be grateful the machines themselves are functional. I wonder, offhand, how much life insurance hubby has & where & how much the policies are for while I watch hubby play with ground wire on the new outlet.

Here it is early evening, the outlet replaced, loose floortiles pried up, floor free of lint, new dryer vent installed. Still need to feed kids. Paint chips for bedroom laid on the bed (shades of peach-pink).

I'm so tired. I wish I could go to bed.


Anne E. said...

I love dishwashers but unfortunately my house is without one, due to the previous owners ripping it out and selling it! My sympathy on the unexpected home repairs.

Tara Marie said...

Rough couple of days, go to bed. After yesterday's play date I passed out at 9:15.

Bookwormom said...

Thanks for the sympathy ladies!