Monday, July 11, 2005

Review~The Prisoner; Karen Monk

The first half of The Prisoner by Karen Monk sounded & felt so much like another romance I nearly didn't finish it. No, I don't remember which other book or even which author wrote the now forgotten title. Unfortunately, that is very typical of me & is the reason why I started a written journal of what I've read. Yes, I know a finite number of plots & character types out there & everything we read is a repeat of someone else's words, but even so..a foolish romance reader such as myself remains hopeful.

Still, I persevered. The children, who form a backbone of this story, were mostly realistic & well enough done that I wanted to know how they fared at the end. Low & behold~ TAAA DAAAA!! Ms Monk manages to wrap my heartstrings around her characters their plot twist & the HEA. So much so that tears were shed during one particular scene near the end. Causing my sons & their teenage male friend to ask,"Hey, are you ok? What's wrong?" Naturally bewildered by my mutters "It's just my book- mever mind" they all shrugged & returned to the pressing problem of the afternoon. How much food can they consume without my noticing? The answer? WHen mom is reading you can eat everything in sight that is even remotely edible. Leaving pantry bare & the fridge lonely.

The Prisoner truly captured my heart during the second half of the novel, so much so I overlooked a plot flaw or t wo. Since I actually cried a tear or two The Prisoner automatically gets a coveted spot on the keeper shelves. Yes, people, I am a total sucker for tearjerking romances.

Please excuse any typos on a water saturated keyboard~ a victim of the 'Not Me Mom' poltergeist.

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