Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ironside; Holly Black

I finally got around to reading this one after it sat in my library return pile for two weeks. Ironside was published this year by Margaret K. McElderry Books. The sequel is Tithe, although Valiant comes between and is linked. Click title above for link to Ms. Black's page about Ironside. Click here for my thoughts on Valiant. Click here for my thoughts on Tithe.

Kaye continues to grapple with being a changeling: feeling out of place everywhere, insecure, etc. Luckily she still has Corny and Gram on the human side and Lutie-Loo and Roiben on the fairy side. Feeling pretty much like a teenage human that she was Kaye makes several errors in judgement leading to the main adventures in this book. Corny shares the spotlight with her- a nice touch I thought. He's a unique character and as Kaye's friend deserves fleshing out. Roiben also struggles with resposiblity and duty and conflicting feelings about both his sudden ascencion to the throne and about his relationship with Kaye.

I enjoyed this one quite a bit, although I wish the story centered more on Roiben as opposed to Kaye & Corny. Not necessarily their relationship, but his conflicts and political struggles within the courts. More insight into his psyche would have been a nice touch too. Still, I am very satisfied with this episode in the story. The ending was a deft touch I thought. Wrapped up and yet with a hint of uncertainty about the future. Very nice.


Kailana said...

I was not super fond of Valiant, so I was going to stop reading her, but if this book goes back to the characters in Tithe, it might be worth a read.

Bookwormom said...

I had trouble getting into Valiant too, but once I got over my pique about it not dealing with Kaye & Roiben I managed to enjoy it for it's own sake.