Thursday, July 05, 2007

Thursday 13 @29- Observations about Germany

Brought to you by Daughter, newly returned from Munich and Berlin Sunday evening. Please keep in mind, Daughter is 15 & this is her first trip outside the U.S. Click here to read my previous post about Daughter's trip.

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1. The ice cream is much, much better than ice cream here- even Ben & Jerry's. Favorites are mango and tropical.

2. Veal blood sausage is gross. *Mom aside: Daughter is pretty much vegetarian anyhow, but apparently this came as part of a meal*

3. America is filthy. Germany sparkles. *Mom again: The Graduate said this about Scotland too. It would seem that we're pretty much the armpit of the industialized world as far as litter and general cleanliness goes.*

4. There is quite a bit of green space within the city limits & it's easy to feel like you've escaped into the countryside.

5. More people use bikes or walk or take public transit than in the U.S.

6. Every *Mom- EVERY??* department store has a food store in the bottom.

7. The hostels were very clean and don't deserve the "dirty" reputation they have. * I think she means hostels in general, not German hostels specifically*

8. Schnitzel is excellent as is German macaroni and cheese. *I told you she'd figure out how to ask for macaroni and cheese while she was there!!*

9. Fresh cheese and bread are the best way to begin a meal.

10. Minerwasser is everywhere.

11. Nuclear bunkers are very claustrophobic and dark. Not to mention scary.

12. Always sleep on a 9 hour flight.

13. German subways are much more efficient than ours. *DUH!*


Jenster said...

I'm glad she's back and I'm anxious to hear more. Do we get to see pictures??

CindyS said...

5 - that would be cool except for the public transit and I think part of it is their gas prices blow ours out of the water!

7 - you know she's right, I've always been afraid of hostels (obviously never traveled far as a kid)

8 - did she try Wiener Schnitzel or do they have a vegetarian kind? I love Schnitzel - yum.

Off to google Minerwasser ;)

Glad that she loved the experience and that she is back home safe and sound!


Tara Marie said...

I bet you're glad to have her home :D

Love her list and your commentary. Not surprised that their subways are more efficient and she's right blood sausage is gross.

Bookwormom said...

Jenster- She took an "old fashioned" film camera with her- whose rolls are still sitting on her dresser, but she promised to let me post some photos after they're developed.

CindyS- She says she enjoyed weinerschnitzel, but it was 'regular' whatever that means. LOL

Tara- She said to say she's happy she isn't the only one who doesn't like blood sausage.