Saturday, July 14, 2007

Quiz Time!

Via Marg at Reading Adventures, I took this little quiz & it came up with the following:

You're The Things They Carried!

by Tim O'Brien

Harsh and bitter, you tell it like it is. This usually comes in short,
dramatic spurts of spilling your guts in various ways. You carry a heavy load, and this
has weighed you down with all the horrors that humanity has to offer. Having seen and
done a great deal that you aren't proud of, you have no choice but to walk forward,
trudging slowly through ongoing mud. In the next life, you will come back as a water

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Quite a downer aren't I??


Jenster said...

I don't see you as that AT ALL!

I'm Mists of Avalon and I don't agree with that, either.

I think I'm much more Green Eggs and Ham. :o)

Tara Marie said...

I'm To Kill a Mockingbird--not so sure about that, but it is a good book and I think I'll put it on the TBR pile. I haven't read it since college.

Bookwormom said...

Jenster- I was pretty surprised at the book it chose for me, but it made me laugh too. I'm really not a water buffalo. LOL ;)

Tara- TKAM is one of my favorite all time reads.