Saturday, May 12, 2007


Husband~ Has started the new job. Looves it. Seems like 5+ years of stress has been washed away from his face. Poor love. He's more energetic and upbeat & just generally perky. It's hard to see how bad things have become, sometimes, when you're stuck in the middle of a huge mess.

Son #1 & GF~ went to his senior prom last evening. They had a private dining room at our favorite formal Chinese restaurant & went on to the dance in a huge ballroom in a hotel. Poor things, apparently the only seating was right in front of the speakers & they're both deaf today. Neither thought to carry a few chairs elsewhere in the room. 0_o

Daughter~ Has been earnestly studying for her geometry final. If she scores high enough on the first test she gets an automatic A on the second one. Motivation! She's joined the chorale society at our church. The summer performance will be a medley of famous Broadway tunes. It's quite a popular group among those who can sing & she enjoys it. They do several a year & she may continue with it.

Son #2~ His best friend's parents are expecting a later in life "surprise" baby. Needless to say, the boys are totally grossed out by this turn of events. We've had great fun teasing him that perhaps we too ought to have a fourth child to fill in the void when Son #1 leaves for the great adventures of young adulthood. SHOCK AND AWE does not begin to do justice to the Son #2's reaction. We're kidding of course. Three little darlings is more than enough. But it has been funny to tease the Little Emperor a tad.


Jenster said...

Glad to hear about Hubby's job! It's so great when they're happy with what they do.

It's wonderful that GF has recuperated enough to attend prom!

The Broadway tunes show sounds like so much fun!

LOL about Son#2. I'm sure you're not doing any damage that a little therapy won't cure. LOL!!

CindyS said...

Great news for your husband!

Glad to hear that Son#1 & GF were able to go to the prom - course being deaf the next day is a bummer.

I wish I could sing so I'm happy for your daughter that she has found something she enjoys and wants to be a part of.

Son#2 - that is too funny. Meanwhile I would have killed to have my parents pop out more kids. Just the two of us. Ugh.


Tara Marie said...

Good to hear the hubby loves the new job. And you're right you don't realize how difficult a situation may be until you're out.

Proms, geometry finals and grossed out kids, sounds like life is pretty normal and that great :D

Bookwormom said...

Jenster- Thanks for the good wishes. Son #2 is still pretty antsy about the 'new sibs.' LOL

CindyS- We're all bubbling aloong pretty well at the moment. Thanks for coming by.

Tara Marie- Thanks for coming by. :)