Thursday, May 31, 2007

Thursday 13 #28- Suburban Wildlife

This Thursday's 13- flora and fauna seen while hiking in our local national park. Leave a link to your TT list & I'll link to you here. The purpose of TT is to get to know your fellow bloggers better.

1. Doe and Baby faun standing in the creek as I blundered around the trail like an elephant

2. Tom Turkey standing in the middle of the road- he's nearly big enough to roast..if you can catch him first!

3. Black snake slithered across my feet and toward the creek.

4. Hiker or family member tending a grave in a tiny family cemetary in the middle of the woods

5. Three gray squirrels wrestling in the leaves

6. Honeysuckle patch covered with bumblebees

7. Mountain Laurels are everywhere in the park & they're all in bloom. Beautiful white bell shaped flowers and the trunks grow in unique curly & gnarled patterns as the trees age.

8. There has been an abundance of wildflowers along the roadside and the trails' edges: yellow buttercups, white almost Marguerite type daisies- but not quite, bluebonnet types, and many others.

9. I came across a lady doing yoga beside the road yesterday. The park is a beautiful and serene place for quiet meditative practices.

10. A bunch of male frogs living along the creek held a competition to see whose chug-a-rum was louder

11. Different park- saw the mounted police doing patrols far more south than usually seen in this park. Normally they're all in DC along the Mall. The horse was gorgeous, dappled grey & tall.

12. Baby fish, no bigger than my pinkie. Nearly translucent- you can only really see their shaows along the creek bed

13. No mushrooms yet. It has been far too dry, unfortunately. Last year the kids and I had a great time identifying all of the different mushrooms we saw (and this was in July no less), but I'm wondering if this year will be different due to the dry weather.


CindyS said...

Wow. It sounds like you have such a beautiful place to walk. I used to walk paths but when I met Bob I discovered that he prefers to walk in the burbs. Which bores me.

And I love baby fish. It's when I have to go swimming with the big fish that I get all freaked out!


Bookwormom said...

Hi CindyS- Yes, the park is gorgeous & I treasure it. Walking there always refreshes me- unless Husband is dragging me up the trail by the hand (I'm always slower than he is). The big fish freak me out too...