Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Dangerous Tides; C. Feehan

Written by Christine Feehan and published by Jove in 2006, Dangerous Tides is the latest installment in the Drake Sisters series. I've also posted my thoughts on the last Drake Sisters novel I read. The next installment, titled Safe Harbor, is due out June 27 this year according to Ms. Feehan's website (link in title above).

Dr. Libby Drake is a physician, a woman unsure of her femininity and beauty, a woman who finds intelligent men a huge turn on. Nerdy intelligent men, I mean. Very few women I know find ignorance or stupidity sexy. She has had a lifelong thing for Tyler Derrick, a 'brilliant' scientist- to use Libby's description. Tyler likes her, but doesn't believe in magic. He's so distrustful of her family he tells her to her face that they are charlatans, and he plans to 'prove it to her.' Despite being offended, Libby helps Tyler and their relationship grows.

Unfortunately, someone threatens Libby and/or Tyler. Who might this person be? What motivates them? How can Tyler be such a 'brilliant scientist' but not see his nose before his face? Needless to say, I figured this part out early, but I really found Libby and Tyler fascinating. She sees him pretty clearly (and loves him anyway) and is willing to watch/wait for him to work through his emotional and family issues. Tyler is an all or nothing kind of guy. Full throttle intensity in everything he does- research, hobbies and personal life. So it made sense to me that when he finally committed to Libby and understood that her family is all important to her, he does so wholeheartedly.

As I've mentioned previously, I read this series primarily for the sisters' interrelationships & this book certainly showcases that. Libby and Tyler and their growing commitment are wonderful to watch as well.

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