Saturday, April 28, 2007


A few weeks back I borrowed a book of short stories from the library. In it was a fantasy written by an Aussie writer named Bill Congreve. I can't find anything by him in our local library, any of the local bookshops or via our interlibrary loan. Now a mild interest has blossomed into mild obsession. What else has he written and where can I find it?! I might be able to find him via Amazon, but the shipping from Aussie to eastern US is likely scary, scary.

Yesterday I found myself sandwiched between a giant tow truck pulling an 18 wheeler and a tour bus careening down I 495 at breakneck speed. I felt like I was driving in the Grand Canyon- dark, looming and squished. I managed to get away from them just in time to look up and see what seemed to be a quarter of a mile of wild wisteria (the lavendar colored variety) heavily in bloom growing up and over the sound barriers. They drooped in heavy swags along the edge of the road like ostrich plumes on an old picture hat. Absolutely gorgeous.

Hubby and I had dessert with a friend and her adult nephew, who is in town for the weekend. He's never been on an airplane, been out of his home state. There are still people out there who don't travel! Can you believe it?? Not even in-state or driving. I digress. We had a fantastic time, played Sorry and the Washington DC Monopoly. Supposedly the short version, but we ended at 11 pm & still weren't done. Our hostess beat us all soundly, but we had a fabulous time. We even came away with a delicious bottle of white wine, which we shall share for my birthday next month.

It's nice to hear insights from a newcomer, particularly one who doesn't travel. He was amazed at how polite people are here. Seriously. I don't associate rudeness with city folk, brusque perhaps, but not rude. Nevertheless, I was surprised to hear him say that. Then I thought that maybe he was expecting awful, horrid behavior from us city rats and was then surprised when it wasn't true after all?? He'll be in church tomorrow, so I can't wait to hear all about his adventures around town.

Just finished reading Neil Gaiman's Neverwhere. Thoughts posted tomorrow.

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